I’m happy you’ve discovered my little office here in the trees.

Climb up and enjoy the view. Pour a warm mug of coffee. Sit with me and chat awhile.

(I’m a storyteller who loves listening much more than speaking.)

Green Treehouse Media is rooted and grounded in a love of words…

Words are my craft and passion. I’d be honored to help share your story.

Are you struggling to find the words to describe your organization’s vision? Has your company grown and you need to update the copy on your website? Are you an editor in need of a professionally researched and written article? Are you an author in need of a copy editor or a confidential ghostwriter?

I craft clear, concise content that frees my clients to use their energies elsewhere. Green Treehouse Media, LLC specializes in collaborative ghostwriting and copywriting/editing services for individuals, small business owners, corporations, and nonprofits on an hourly, monthly or project basis. A licensed physical therapist for nearly 30 years, I also have significant expertise with health care/wellness topics.

My freelance professional services include:

– Articles
– White Papers
– Book Proposals
– Books
– Press Releases
– Resumes/Bios
– Advertisements
– Content for Websites
– Blogging Services
– Newsletters
– Speeches
– Commercial Scripts
– Applications
– Annual Reports
– Business Proposals

I’ll create a proposal to fit your deadline and budget. Let’s talk today.

Robin Bradley Hansel, Owner
Green Treehouse Media, LLC
15 Laguna Court
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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